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The table lists the date of publication and the most important changes.

  • New: A backup of the category list is created each time you´re going to edit the list. (Applies only to changes made by using the Addin, not by using Outlook´s Categories dialog.)
  • New: There´s no prompt anymore if the synchronization isn´t possible, for instance, if the Addin cannot access the shared categories file.
  • Fixed: Even with the sidebar closed it took too long when a lot of Outlook items were selected.
  • New: When you hover with the mouse over a category in the sidebar, the full name will be displayed as a tooltip.
  • New: A double click on a category in the sidebar copies it to the clipboard.
  • Fixed: A click on copy in the sidebar raised an error if the current Outlook item had no category assigned.
  • Fixed: Find & Replace didn´t find all occurrences.
  • Fixed: It wasn´t possible via the sidebar to assign more than one free keyword all at once.
  • Fixed: Outlook 2016 has changed the coding for storing the category list. Category Manager couldn´t read that and re-created the default categories.
  • Fixed: The print dialog was displayed in German.
  • Fixed: Sometimes a message couldnt´t be categorized twice in a row.
  • Fixed: If you tried to add a private category to a public category group, then the displayed dialog was blank.
  • Fixed: If an email had a category assigned that was not in your master category list, then deleting the category was buggy.
  • Fixed: The German 64bit version displayed English messages.
  • New: High resolution screens are supported.
  • New: The current position of the sidebar (at the right, left, top or at the bottom of the window) will be restored after restarting Outlook.
  • Fixed: A category couldn´t be assigned in a search result if the search was performed on more than one folder.
  • Fixed: The multiple assigning of categories via the sidebar didn´t always work.
  • Fixed: Selecting a root folder for shared categories raised an error if no default smtp address is configured in Outlook.
  • Fixed: The multiple assigning of categories via the sidebar didn´t always work.
  • New: Outlook 64bit is supported now.
  • New: The master category list can be copied from one store (mailbox or pst file) to another one.
  • New: The sidebar features more filter conditions.
  • New: The folder opened in the main dialog can be kept open during all the session.
  • With Outlook 16.0.8326.2096 Microsoft has already fixed the aforementioned bug.
  • Due to a bug in some of Microsoft´s controls Outlook version 16.0.8326.2075 cannot be supported. Category-Manager 4.0.806 displays a message if you´re running the not supported version of Outlook.
  • Fixed: The synchronisation of the master category list was turned off when the access to Outlook was blocked by security settings.
  • New: The master category list can be copied from one store (mailbox or PST file) to another one.
  • New: The synchronization of categorized emails to the IMAP server can optionally be turned off (if this is supported by the mail server at all).
  • Fixed: When switching from one category group to another in the sidebar while a filter was active all categories were displayed instead of just the ones of the group.
  • Fixed: When a category was added via the sidebar to a category group while a filter was active, then all subsequent actions raised the error message that the category list is locked.
  • Fixed: Another bug that was added unfortunately with version 4.0.793: When replying from an open email, "The trial has expired" was displayed in QuickCats.
  • Fixed: The last update added a minor bug that prevented the display of an assigned category in an opened item.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the view scrolled up to the top in QuickCats after assigning a category from a large list.
  • Fixed: An error occured when editing categories in stores that don't support Outlook rules.
  • New: If a filter is set on the folder view via the sidebar, then the "Reset Filter" button becomes the default button.
  • Fixed: The row height of the items list did not adjust to a changed resolution of the screen.
  • New: The side-bar for the quick access to the master category list is now integrated into the Outlook window.
  • New: Outlook folders can be filtered by categories.
  • New: You can assign free text to the Outlook items that is not available in the master category list.
  • New: You can create group of categories.
  • New: Emails in your inbox can automatically be categorized based on the sender.
  • New: Automatic synchronization of the categories, colors, and groups (Enterprise version)
  • New: Categories and groups can be marked private; these will be excluded from the synchronization (Enterprise version).
  • Removed: The synchronization via FTP is not supported anymore.
  • Removed: Outlook 2003 and older are not supported anymore.
  • Fixed: The reminder isn't displayed anymore for read-only items.
  • New: A filter function for the category list in Quick-Cats.
  • New: Outlook 2013 (32bit) is supported.
  • New: Categories can be copied from one item to the clipboard and to other items.
  • New: Now there is a feature that can fix a corrupt master category list. If necessary, it is automatically started when you launch the Category Manager main window.
  • Fixed: The version 3.1.519 added a bug to the Enterprise version. If the categories were synchronized at the startup of Outlook, each time the master category list was doubled. That in turn increased the amount of time Outlook needed to startup.
  • New: Now the main dialog sorts contacts by FileAs instead of Subject.
  • Fixed: Even with the sync. setting to keep individual colors, the color of the central category is applied if that category didn't exist locally.
  • Fixed: The previous version (3.1.519 or 3.1.520 Enterprise respectively) ignored the setting to add central categories to the local ones, instead the local categories were always overwritten by the central ones.
  • New: If you wish, the commandbar or ribbon isn't displayed anymore.
  • New: Extended printing settings also for the Professional version.
  • Fixed: If you looked at an e-mail in the outbox, it turned from italic to non-italic, that is it wasn't sent if the reminder was turned on for e-mails.
  • Fixed: If Word was used as e-mail editor, sometimes the reminder wasn't displayed on top (Outlook 2003 or earlier only).
  • Fixed: The main dialog always displayed the LastModified date for some item types. Now it displays correctly the received date for e-mails and the creation date for all of the other item types.
  • Fixed: In Outlook 2010 the ribbon icons weren't loaded if not Outlook 2007 was installed before (Windows Vista and Windows 7 only).
  • Fixed: In Outlook 2010 QuickCats wasn't automatically loaded at startup.
  • Update for Outlook 2010.
  • The Add-in runs with Windows 32bit and Windows 64bit. However, the installed Microsoft Office must be the 32bit version.
  • Fixed: Now you can run both Category Manager and OLKeeper on the same system.
  • Fixed: The sync. didn't work if clients are using differently formatted date values.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the list of the last used categories wasn't updated.
  • New: When synchronizing categories in Outlook 2007, the user may choose to keep the individual colors.
  • New: Now it's also possible to print a list of items assigned to a category.
  • Fixed: You don't get a prompt of the reminder anymore to categorize an occurrence of a recurring appointment because it's not possible to categorize that occurrence.
  • Fixed: Now the name of the file for shared categories may also be written in upper cases.
  • New: You may publish the central category file on an FTP server.
  • Fixed: In the main window, it wasn't possible to assign categories in a mixed status.
  • Fixed: Due to an error in the centralized category list it sometimes happened that you couldn't store new categories or synchronize.
  • New: Color categories are supported for Outlook 2007. New: You can set for every item type (e-mail, contact etc.) to get a reminder if no category is assigned. New: With the new Enterprise version all users can access one centralized category list. New: An administrator can setup the addin for standard users. New: The category sidebar is automatically displayed when Outlook starts. Fixed: A few minor bugs are fixed.
  • Fixed: *.reg files were not imported in Outlook 2007.
  • Fixed: If connected to an Exchange-Server then quite a few e-mails couldn't be opened with the Add-in.
  • Fixed: If the system folder 'My Documents' was pointed directly e.g. to drive D then importing/exporting of categories wasn't possible.
  • Fixed: Sometimes an 'Type mismatch' error occured in the english version after opening a folder.
  • Fixed: Quick-Cats didn't close properly if a changed item was deleted directly.
  • New: A better folder chooser enables you to select any folder.
  • New: Optimized for very big folder hierarchies.
  • Fixed: In Outlook 2007, if there were faulty rules it wasn't possible to open Category Manager.
  • New: Quick-Cats - the quickest way to categorize any Outlook items.
  • Fixed: Sometimes Inspector toolbars were created twice.
  • Fixed: The last version (1.0.135) ignored changes if an Outlook item was open.
  • New: There is a refresh button for updating the view.
  • New: Multiple items can be opened at a time.
  • New: The toolbar is available for all of the Outlook windows.
  • Fixed: An error with the used toolbar control affected other Addins which used the same control.
  • Fixed: The form's last position was ignored.
  • Fixed: Via the category assign form edits were possible only with the mouse.
  • Fixed: After changes were made it was possible to open another folder without getting a 'Do you want to save changes?'-prompt.
  • Fixed: After opening a folder the items were sorted always with the default order.
  • Fixed: In Outlook 2007 German special characters were displayed wrong.
  • New: Product is now available in English language.
  • New: The view doesn't change if an item is dragged to a new category.
  • Fixed: Support e-mail address was wrong.
  • Fixed: A right click into the item list didn't work properly.
  • Fixed: An error occured while opening folders without a 'LastModified' date.
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