Version History: ReplyAll

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OLKeeper reliably prevents users from closing their Outlook window and thus possibly missing reminders or e-mails.

The table lists the date of publication and the most important changes.
  • Fixed: The reply wasn´t created when the Outlook ribbon wasn´t visible.
  • Fixed: The original message was always closed when replying, ignoring the Outlook setting.
  • New: You can manage a list of domains for all adresses that should be treated as internal addresses.
  • Fixed: The default message for the bcc warning was displayed instead of a customized message.
  • New: Outlook 64bit is supported.
  • New: You can determine that a hidden recipient (BCC) can only reply to the sender of an email. (In previous versions only a warning was displayed; replying all was always possible.)
  • New: You can customize the displayed dialog. You can change the messages, rename and reorder the buttons. You can even hide buttons and set the default button yourself.
  • Update for Outlook and higher.
  • Outlook 2003 isn´t supported anymore.
  • Fixed: An error occured for replies on a meeting item.
  • Fixed: The last version (2.0.124) had an issue with reading the license file.
  • New: Additionally to all recipients the reply addresses are listed.
  • New: The type of address (sender, recipient, reply address) is displayed.
  • Fixed: The "Send" column wasn't sortable.
  • New: Enable/disable the controls of the dialog via the settings.xml file.
  • New: The button "Unselect all Recipients" unselects all but the sender of the email.
  • Fixed: On Asian computers the license file couldn't be read.
  • Fixed: For some replies the entire email was spell checked.
  • New: Replying via keyboard, and the InlineResponse (Outlook 2013) are supported.
  • New: The BCC feature now recognizes distribution lists, and nested distribution lists (the next level).
  • New: Managing the settings for all users has become easier.
  • Fix: The recognition of BCC failed for a reply on an item out of the instant search.
  • Fix: Distribution lists could not be removed from the list of recipients.
  • Fix: An error occured for certain settings when Reply All was clicked on an open e-mail.
  • Fix: The original e-mail was not closed when ReplyAll displayed the dialog (the address list or the BCC alert).
  • Fixed: In Outlook 2010, the click on the ReplyAll button in an open e-mail was not recognized.
  • New: Outlook 2013 (32bit) is supported.
  • New: A Professional version with a lot of new features.
  • New: The Standard version remains free of charge but is available only for private users.
  • New: Supports Outlook 2010
  • Published
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