Copy Folder Structure

This sample copies Outlook folders without their contents.

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There´s no feature in Outlook to copy only folders without their contents. This macro does exactly that, it copies a folder structure without contents. That saves you a lot of clicks if you want to reuse a folder hierarchy, for instance, for another project.

Start the macro 'CopyFolders', for instance, by pressing alt+f8. First select the source folder, that is the one which subfolders you want to copy, then select the target folder. That´s it, the rest will be done by the macro for you.

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Public Sub CopyFolders()
  Dim Source As Outlook.Folder
  Dim Target As Outlook.Folder
  'select source folder
  Set Source = Application.Session.PickFolder
  If Source Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
  'select target folder
  Set Target = Application.Session.PickFolder
  If Target Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
  LoopFolders Source.Folders, Target.Folders, True
  MsgBox "done"
End Sub

Private Sub LoopFolders(SourceFolders As Outlook.Folders, _
  TargetFolders As Outlook.Folders, _
  ByVal Recursive As Boolean _
  Dim Source As Outlook.MAPIFolder
  Dim Target As Outlook.MAPIFolder
  Dim FolderType As OlDefaultFolders
  For Each Source In SourceFolders
    Select Case Source.DefaultItemType
      Case olAppointmentItem
        FolderType = olFolderCalendar
      Case olContactItem, olDistributionListItem
        FolderType = olFolderContacts
      Case olJournalItem
        FolderType = olFolderJournal
      Case olNoteItem
        FolderType = olFolderNotes
      Case olTaskItem
        FolderType = olFolderTasks
      Case Else
        FolderType = olFolderInbox
    End Select
    Set Target = TargetFolders.Add(Source.Name, FolderType)

    If Recursive Then
      LoopFolders Source.Folders, Target.Folders, Recursive
    End If
End Sub
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