Reactivate Task Reminders

This macro turns reminders of task items on.

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Have you ever accidentally clicked Dismiss All on the Reminder window when you actually wanted to dismiss only one item? To get those reminders back you can right click on the columns headers, click Field Chooser / All Task fields, then drag Reminder onto the headers. By clicking into the cell you can now turn on the reminder for an item.

Actually you'd also need to display the ReminderTime field. If it reads None for an item, it never had a reminder.

It's easier with this script: Just select some task items, and press ALT+F8 to run the macro.

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Public Sub ReactivateTaskReminder()
  Dim Selection As Outlook.Selection
  Dim obj As Object
  Dim Task As Outlook.TaskItem

  Set Selection = Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection
  If Selection.Count Then
    For Each obj In Selection
      If TypeOf obj Is Outlook.TaskItem Then
        Set Task = obj
        If Year(Task.ReminderTime) < 4500 Then
          Task.ReminderSet = True
        End If
      End If
  End If
End Sub
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