Insert a Formatted Excel Table into an Email

A sample for how to paste a table from Excel and retaining its formattings.

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By using Word as e-mail editor you get access to Word's powerful object model even for e-mails. With that it's possible to insert a formatted Excel table into an Html e-mail.

This sample assumes that the e-mail and workbook are already opened and copies the range from B2 to C6 into the e-mail - inclusive all its formattings.

Via Tools/References, please add the Word and Excel libraries to your Outlook VBA project.

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Sub PasteFormattedTable()
  Dim Doc As Word.Document
  Dim wdRn As Word.Range
  Dim Xl As Excel.Application
  Dim Ws As Excel.Worksheet
  Dim xlRn As Excel.Range

  Set Doc = Application.ActiveInspector.WordEditor
  Set wdRn = Doc.Range

  Set Xl = GetObject(, "Excel.Application")
  Set Ws = Xl.Workbooks("Mappe1.xls").Worksheets(1)

  Set xlRn = Ws.Range("b2", "c6")

End Sub
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