Creating Nested Distribution Lists

Nested distlists allow to combine groups of contacts to another group.

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You cannot directly add a distribution list to another one. So a detour via a MailItem is necessary: We add an existing distribution list (current folder selection in this sample) as a recipient to an e-mail. Then we can get the list back via the MailItem's Recipients collection and add that one to a second distribution list.

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Public Sub CreateNestedDL()
  Dim DL As Outlook.DistListItem
  Dim Mail As Outlook.MailItem

  Set DL = Application.ActiveExplorer.Selection(1)

  Set Mail = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem)
  Mail.Recipients.Add DL.DLName

  If Mail.Recipients.ResolveAll Then
    Set DL = Application.CreateItem(olDistributionListItem)
    DL.AddMembers Mail.Recipients
    DL.DLName = "test item"
  End If
End Sub
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ReplyAll alerts you before unintentionally replying all, or if you are a confidential BCC recipient of the e-mail.
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