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Microsoft since 2005:
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VBOffice Info
Privacy Policy
Access: Add contacts to Outlook
API Timer
Assign a form
Attachment: Embed attachment in an e-mail
Attachment: Print received attachments immediately
Attachments: Delete the selection
Attachments: Save the selection to the harddisk
Automatically assign a category to any new appointment
Calendar: Add travel times to appointments
Calendar: Archive items
Calendar: Color label for an appointment
Calendar: Confirm appointment by e-mail
Calendar: Confirm before moving an appointment
Calendar: Delete the reminder of a meeting request
Calendar: How many appointments do you have today?
Calendar: Mark items read/unread
Calendar: Send a new appointment automatically by e-mail
Category entered directly
CDO: Access a MailItem via the MAPI library
Commandbar: Create a new bar with one button
Commandbar: Hide at startup
Contact: Edit company names
Contact: Edit the internet format
Contact: Flag a contact
Contact: Format telephone numbers
Contact: Link a contact to other items
Contact: Sortable birthday list
Copy views
Create a serial number
Create Redemption Safe*Items
Determine the running Outlook version
Distribution List: Create nested collections
Distribution List: Display the count of the member
E-Mail: Assign categories before sending
E-Mail: Categorizer for outgoing e-mails
E-Mail: Check for subject before sending
E-Mail: Check item size before sending
E-Mail: Delete flag when completed
E-Mail: Delete original when replying
E-Mail: Determine a folder for sent items
E-Mail: Display infos from the message header
E-Mail: Display options before sending
E-Mail: Display recipients' addresses
E-Mail: Display sender address in Outlook 2000
E-Mail: Find address in CC and move the item
E-Mail: Flag for follow-up (since Outlook 2007)
E-Mail: Flag for follow-up (until Outlook 2003)
E-Mail: Get the account the item was received with
E-Mail: Get the default account
E-Mail: Insert formatted Excel table
E-Mail: Make a form of your own modal against other processes
E-Mail: Mark as read
E-Mail: Mark multiple messages as spam
E-Mail: Merge conversation
E-Mail: Move completed items
E-Mail: Print new items immediately
E-Mail: Remove quoation marks from the sender's name
E-Mail: Remove recipients before sending
E-Mail: Reply with a changed subject
E-Mail: Request a read receipt
E-Mail: Save new items immediately as files
E-Mail: Send a copy to yourself
E-Mail: Send and Delete
E-Mail: Send daily
E-Mail: Send template
E-Mail: Set expiry time
E-Mail: Set focus to the body
E-Mail: Set the cursor
E-Mail: Trigger actions with categories
Folder view: Change the font
Folder: Assign a category to new items
Folder: Empty folder
Folder: Expand all Folders
Folder: Expand subfolder when a new message arrives
Folder: Find a folder by its name
Folder: Get the path
Folder: Switch the view
HowTo use Word macros in Outlook
Inspector Wrapper: Receive events of opened items
Inspector: Edit new items
Journal: Create a new item based on an existing one
Journal: Create automatically new entries for calls
Limited loops
Looping recursively through folders and subfolders
Mark email unread and close automatically
Open Excel file from within Outlook
Open the next e-mail and delete the read one
Outlook 2010: Open custom form via your own ribbon
Pause function
Security modell 2: Access Outlook by a third party app
Security modell: Access blocked properties
Send Word document as attachment
Task: Categorize a completed task.
Task: Change the priority
Task: Move due date
Task: Turn on the reminder

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