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ReplyAll alerts you before unintentionally replying all, or if you are a confidential BCC recipient of the e-mail.


Please contact us by email. If there is any issue with an add-in: In the add-in, see the Support Request button either under Tools or Help. Click that button, and send the created email. You will receive a first reply within one business day.

Privacy Policy

If you send us a request via email, then we collect the address we may reply to. Requests for support for our products may also require information about your Outlook® and Windows® configuration. Any such personally identifying information is kept in strictest confidence by Michael Bauer Software. We do not provide it to any other party and will use it only for the specific purposes.

A mailing list is maintained by Michael Bauer Software. We only add people to the mailing list who specifically request to be added, and never divulge any information about the members of a mailing list to anyone else. Of course, members can request to be removed from the list at any time.

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