Tips & Tricks, and frequently asked questions for Microsoft® Outlook®

Determine the "identity" of your emails. Set with SAM the sender and the folder folder for sent items with the help of rules.
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Outlook Add-In doesn´t start anymore

If an Addin doesn´t load anymore, it´s most likely due to entries in the Registry.

Last modified: 2019/09/12

Outlook Categories

See how to manage data in Outlook with categories or keywords. Use colors for groups of categories so that key issues strike you right away.

Last modified: 2015/02/13


Assign categories to all your emails, appointments, contacts, etc. in the blink of an eye with the sidebar Quick-Cats. Even IMAP messages can be categorized.

Last modified: 2015/02/18

Resize Outlook Window

This free utility resizes the window of Outlook, so you're able to see or move it.

Last modified: 2015/08/05

Sending Categories with Emails since Outlook 2007

Since version 2007 Outlook doesn't send categories with emails anymore by default. Add an entry to the registry to solve the issue.

Last modified: 2014/12/05

Synchronize Categories and Colors

Export, import, and synchronize the master category list of Outlook. See how to use a consistent system on multiple computers, and ensure that all team members will see the same colors.

Last modified: 2015/02/12

VBA Editor: First Steps

See how to open the VBA environment of Microsoft Outlook, and how to add macros to ThisOutlookSession.

Last modified: 2017/01/13

VBA: Object Browser

The object browser is all you need to learn the object model of Outlook.

Last modified: 2015/02/12

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